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Apartment Reviews for Ashford Apartments in Salt Lake City

4.6 | 142 Reviews

625 S Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT, 84104
(801) 973-2721

See what other people are saying about our apartments located in Salt Lake City! At Ashford Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.

Juanita Hall

This place has been home for nearly 10 years up and downs but as of now it’s been getting so many wonderful upgrades and the office staff is amazing especially Nick rent from Asford while prices are low cause they should go up with all these great new additions!
Jesus Rodriguez

I’ve been living here for 2 1/2 years and I can say the quality of the apartments has definitely gone up the playground was remodeled the laundry room is getting new machines the gym is now 24 hours ! In the office they’re so nice and welcoming Nick has helped me since the day I moved in and answers any question or concerns that I have !
Chris Berry

It's a gated community very clean and well kept up.
Adriana Aglaë Darielle Narcisse

Really happy to have gotten into this place. Dasha was so patient with me while helping me set up electricity account. She was so nice and understanding. I like it here a lot.
G Dansbt

I have lived here for two years. Never seen much changes happening, until the new manager Dasha took over. This property has improved so much! Starting with new windows, we got new AC, and finally a dog park! They just installed new parcel system for us to use, playground, and updated machines in the weight room! Thank you new staff for everything!
Maddey Barlow

i moved in to these wonderful apartments in august and have had such a great experience so far! Dasha in the office is fantastic and is happy to help if there is ever a problem! this is a great place to live with great management!
Angelo Garcia

I really love the Ashford apartments their pet friendly it's a nice little community if it wasn't for the manager Dasha I probably would have chosen this establishment but she is so nice and friendly and willing to work with I just love it here so if you're looking for a place I would recommend it here.
Emma’s Random Videos

I love how attentive Dasha was to our needs when we were looking for an apartment. Customer service is 10/10! Love this place and I highly recommend this place.
Jenifer Stoddard

I've been a resident since 2015. The property mangement has changed a few times while I've been here, and it has been a bit rough in the past. But as of now (2023), I can say that the current Ashford staff (office, maintenance, etc.) are great! There have been quite a lot of improvements made since this new property owner took over. The overall appearance of the complex, the laundry facilites and other ameneties, the parking control, and maintenece request turn times have really improved. I feel safe and comfortable and don't have any plans to move out anytime soon.

The staff here are truly amazing and they helped me get into an apartment in a pinch. Dasha and Tyler were great from the beginning. They are currently making changes to the property which will make it even more amazing than it already is. Please come to the Ashford Apartments and you won’t be disappointed.
Isaiah Lewis

Grateful for new property manager Dasha!
Jesse barbosa

Moving is never easy but we knew we made the right decision by moving closer to family into Ashford apartments. Nick was super helpful with the whole process and answered all the questions or concerns we had about the property.
Xochithl Flores

Nick helped me move in & he was amazing! Really professional, answered all of my questions & responded in a timely manner. The apartment complex itself is very nice, new management has been great & I am really looking forward to all the new changes.
Brandy Staker

This place truly is home. From the staff to the environment is amazing. From day one Tyler helped with showing us the apartment we wanted in the price range I was looking for to the community being so nice and welcoming. The maintenance guy keven is always getting work done fast and does it either the same day or the next. I love it here and recommend everybody looking for an apartment to come and take a tour of this amazing complex.
Shawn Havilu

The staff there are really friendly and also very quick to fix any issues I’ve came across. Definitely would recommend to other ppl.
Juliette Medard

I’ve lived in plenty apartment complexes, but this one is probably one of my favorites mostly because of management. Dasha is truly reliable, on top of things and so great to work with. From the moment I toured the property to moving in she has always been there to constantly answer questions, concerns etc. without hesitation or annoyance. She works so hard to make sure we as residents get our money’s worth and I’m grateful that she’s here as management!
TheTexan 33

Love these apartments Dasha is the best manager ever!

Kevin and DJ came to my apartment within an hour and was good and efficient thank you

The property management team at Ashford Apartments is awesome! Whenever I submit a work order for maintenance they get it done the same day and usually within the same hour I submitted the order! Kevin and DJ are kind and professional every time they come fix something at our apartment. If I lived alone I would be entirely comfortable with them coming to fix something because they are so respectful and professional.
Eliza Parker

I was a little worried because of the mixed reviews but I’m glad I went for it. Thanks DJ and Kevin
Deborah Ballinger

DJ was such a helpful young man! Everything ended up looking great 😊
Carlos Sanchez

Pretty good, I think I got lucky with Kevin & DJ
Cam Thompson

D.J. and Kevin were really great help yesterday! 10/10

The office staff is amazing , and so is the maintenance team , have seen allot of improvement in the last six months
Ashley Hansen

I have lived here 5 years and see ups and downs threw management and previous companies. I have to say I'm please to see a turn around for the better with Nick and Stacie working in the office to help with any problems. Thanks guys
Brooke Griffin

Would definitely recommend giving the place a chance. I haven't had any issues while living here. No bugs, no theft and no noise issues. It's close to the city and airport, so my drives are pretty short. I was a little nervous at first since I signed the lease without touring the place, but I'm glad I did.
Erik Low

Hello, my name is Erik Low and I live at Ashford. I just wanted to take the time to say something nice about our property manager Dasha and of course Ashford Apartments. Dasha has taken time out of her very busy days to help me with my rent and maintenance situations. She has proved to be very, very helpful, professional, and patient especially considering how I can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. I really like living here at Ashford. It is my home. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that works here especially Dasha.
Casy Wettach

I just moved in this past weekend and i love it so far! Everyone has been super friendly, easy to work with. It's hard to get in contact with the office at times, but they are always so friendly and helpful when I do.
Star Kearl

Reliable people. Easy to communicate with. They answered all my questions and helped me with every news or want I had. Definitely have already recommended ashford to my friends who are also looking for a place to live
Ava Williams

I like my apartment and the area is close to lots of things but away from the traffic and noise. The people in the office are very nice and helpful.
Thomas Cleveland

Over all the time I have been here has been positive. Diffinte improvement since becoming Ashford.
Christina Pietsch

Great please the apartment management are very accommodating! As long as you do your part to be a good tenant they are supper accommodating!! Would recommend!
Fernando remedies Bremudez

The Experience is wonderfull i don't have and problems at all the. Neighbors are peacfull and i would recomend this place to live with Family friends or anyone it is a Lovely place that i can call home.
Savannah Loris

I would love to say that the leasing office people were the kindest people I have met and when I had questions they always did their best to help and get back to me, especially Kesaia, she was amazing! When I viewed the apartment it was top notch and newly renovated, highly recommended.
Patricia Gomez

we been like to live in here it been to many years.
Caden Jackson

I’ve lived here for about 6 months and I’ve had a great experience! My apartment is super cute and everyone that works here has been super helpful. Angelica at the leasing office is the absolute best and has always gone out of her way to help out when needed.
Daniel Narajowski

This place is good to live at, Angelica helped me change to my email for my new lease . She helped understand more about the internet ,when I could not find the lease document she found for me. Angelica takes my maintenance reports with no problem, I ask her questions she tries to answer as best she can. The only problem is the plumbing in the apartments are old and needs to be repaired that’s what I notice. Angelica M. a hard worker, I appreciate her help all the time comes with problems and questions with the apartments.
Gabriel Skraba

i got major help from kesaia, she’s honestly so patient and was able to address all my needs on my “apartment hunt”. i’d totally recommend looking for her for help. 10 out 10.
Christopher Turner

Angelica is amazing and always helps me with everything that I need. Thank you for being awesome!
no videos

Wish they wouldn’t close the pool as much as they do but other than that I’ve had a great experience living here. The staff is friendly and helpful I especially enjoy working with Angelica. Love all the changes happening under new management.
Krys Dotson

Leasing agent Kesaia was great with getting my application handled quickly and work orders handled as soon as possible. Apartment looks great and neighbors aren’t noisy.
Família Schwalger

Kesaia was very helpful. Help me with all of my questions 🙌🏽❤️
Gabriel Estrada

Ashford Apartments is a cozy complex, I moved in the beginning of January 2021 and I’ve been enjoying the location along side the friendly Management in the leasing office. Angelica Mendoza has been so helpful with any of my roommates or my needs, being able to revolve things quickly. Which I appreciate. I would refer family and friends to these apartments with the knowledge that they would have just as a great experience as I’m having.
veatriz alequin

Long story short: I lived here a few years ago. Went back a couple of months ago, looking for an apartment and Angelica was great at trying to accommodate aaaaaall my requirements (unfortunately I needed to move right away so there wasn’t a unit available that covered all of my requests at that very moment). Once my lease is close to be up, I’ll definitely go back
Danny Mendoza

Angelica is amazing and genuine, I think she is a huge asset to the apartment complex. Angelica goes out of her way to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of in a proper manner and if there isn't somthing she can do she makes sure to give you leads on who can assist you even further. Thank you for everything!
Gabriela Carlos

Corinne is an AMAZING manager!! She is very knowledgeable and sweet!
Jay Kofoed

I’ve worked with them as a Vendor for over a year and they have been amazing to work with, the office staff are wonderful especially Angelica, she’s been super helpful with coordinating the services provided, and is always so cheerful and polite.
Kelene Schofield

Great place. Always a pleasure working with the manager, Corinne. She gets stuff done and I know I can get a response when I have a problem.
Ramsi Kefu

My husband and I were shown an apartment by Kesaia. She has excellent customer service skills and was super nice and helpful.
sione liu eli fonua

The units are nice and I like the convenient location. Kesaia helped me out and showed me around the place. I’d have to say she is the best employee there from my experience.
Cortney Kefu

I don’t usually post reviews but I had an amazing customer service experience with Kesaia. She was super nice, helpful, and knows her stuff. I love going to places where the customer service is like this.
Brittney Mares

Landlord and everyone is super nice and understanding and works with you! Got mountain views and depending downtown view at night. Located on a main road so can get to pretty much anything easily. Love this place! I also got two balconys!!
Sherrie Cruz

I Love living here. Ive been here almost 2 years and im staying. Angelica is amazing. LOVE her. She is knowledgeable and kind.
Anissa Santos

I feel at home and it’s super peaceful
David Holmes

Had a really good experience there! Kesaia (hoped I spelled that right!) Was super helpful and answered all my questions!!
Faith Bowman

The units are beautiful! My family enjoys the pool when they visit from WI. And the location is very convenient as it’s near the airport and 15 to 20 minutes away from the University of Utah. The trash is collected regularly and for the most part the staff cleans constantly the parking area and tends to the grass. The laundry room isn’t that great as the machines work on and off. The credit card laundry machines are even iffier. Other amenities such as the basketball indoor court and workout room are average or have been unavailable during Covid since new management took over which is understandable. I look forward to seeing how those spaces have improved. The units and price are good!
Olivia Gunderson

I have lived here almost a week and have felt so at home. I have lived in two other apartments but this one beats both of the other two. Angelica the leasing agent, she is beyond perfect. She goes above and beyond to help you. She works so hard and so amazing! She made the application and move in process so easy. I LOVE my apartment. My puppy and I love it so much. The maintenance people are beyond perfect as well. They made it fast and easy to get service done. The apartment has all new appliances and everything is perfect. Beyond happy. So far my neighbor's are nice and friendly as well.
Sunni Rae Paulson

I'm excited to move in here soon. My soon to be husband moved in here almost 3 months ago and we were scared because of some of the reviews but I don't get it. This place is great. Our apartment is lovely. Our neighbors are quiet. We've been towed twice that made me cry in anger but they told us exactly what to do to appeal and all in all you just have to follow the rules. I like how it's enforced to keep your balcony clean. I'm sure many people are here because felons are excepted so I don't mind there strict when it comes to visitors. That's why we came here. If someone wants different I'll refer you to Park Place.
Stephanie Johnson

The staff here is great, always quick to get back to you. Knowledgeable and eager to help.
Pryce Potts

The office staff is very professional and very knowledgeable. If an issue arises in an apartment or on the facility grounds the staff work as quickly and diligently as possible to get it taken care of. With I’m sure over 350 units you’re definitely going to have some issues, but these guys actually care and will get the job done .
Gerardo Zamagmani

Eagles landing is the best place. The staff is so nice. Danielle is awesome and helpful! She made the move in process so smooth. I enjoy going into the office they are always helpful. Nicole and Michelle are so pleasant to work with!
Nate Roberts

The staff were super friendly and did everything they could to help out. It was a very nice place to live. The only reason I moved out was because I out grew it, and needed more space. If I ever have to move to an apartment again it will definitely be back to this one. I also enjoyed the amenities they had to offer. The pool, hot tub, and exercise room. I could always get a good work out before work, then relax in the hot tub after. It was perfect, the maintenance was on top of everything, and I could trust them in my unit when I was at work. They were fast and thorough. Eagles Landing was hands down the best apartment complex I have ever lived in. Try it you definitely won't regret it.
Linda Parry

Was visiting a friend and she had a problem with her heater she call the office and maintenance was there right away if I were to rent a place here I would
Daniel Guzman

Renewed my lease, the ladies in the office so helpful and nice, this place has been a good home for me and my son, thank you!
OKC Jswag

If you're looking for a luxury apartment, this ain't it chief. These are luxury HOMES! Michelle and her staff have always been accomodating to customer requests and have been unstoppable when it comes to match making you to your perfect place to call HOME! Whether you have a service request, upgrade questions, or just want to chat for a bit after a hard day at work, Michelle and her team go BEYOND what it means to be just a management office. They have redefined and set the standard for how rental properties should be ran! If you don't live here yet and are still reading, get down here and see for yourself! Btw, Danielle is my fave 😉 -apt 223 ☺
Bridger Mair

I enjoyed the people in this community, everyone was really nice and willing to help out when you need something. The people in the office were all so nice as well and willing to resolve any problems that arose and maintenance was on top of things. Really enjoyed my experience here at Eagles Landing.
john hatcher

I appreciate the professionalism courtesy of the staff and Eagle's landing community. God bless
Brenda Chambers

I love the office staff, they are always so nice to me. I wish the yard staff blew the leaves out of our areas like they used to and I wish we had more community activities, but I have lived there for 4 years and don't plan on moving. I love my apartment.
Brandon N Jade Rautanen

This is a quiet apartment complex with really nice staff members. I would recommend living here.
Cory Britton

in regards to the office staff at Eagles Landing in my vast experience as a renter I have never come across a more professional and adequate group of individuals. Basically they make it a pleasure to reside at this apartment complex. Their willingness to offer assistance seems to have no bounds. Sincerely, C Lanning Britton III
Melissa Ehlers

This place is truly amazing Michelle and Daniel. Are such hard workers they are fair.and they have helped me and my family out in so many ways these past 3 years has been such a blessing to live here the Naboir are friendly I am so proud to call eagle landing my home..thank you so much we love you guys..from melissa
char perri

It livedwon't haveley me change star to update bumy ratingreview to what seemed tto be a never ending problem Kevin n Terry Kayla n other office staff finally resolved my issue of not having hot water in tub they are professional n the energy from being under new ownership is amazing they got me hot water within day of new ownership Terry n Kevin work well together showing great teamwork n really came thru fir me along with office staff n owners thanks u guys I'm so happy to have hot water n get that resolved I have lived here for ,,,5 yrs sign another lease this yr they r reasonable n fair and does everything to resolve issues with tenats because they don't want us to leave so they work in building lasting business relationships n have had issues with office n have bee .Addressed resolved without any more problems n they are very strict on smoking policy but fir good reason due to state laws and their maintence speacial shout out for Andres remero is effective efficient n friendly gets the job done with customer service first on his mind thank u Michelle for running such a great community the maintence man andruan was very efficient n did a efficient job in a timely manner and a great job as of 03/24/2023 there is new owners and new management and new maintenance the new team n owned r s good at being speedy in fixing things n very helpful management tries to accommodate pl Stacy who I've been working with as she is assistant manager is very helpful so r the front office team n mamagment is very friendly n super helpful I had a ton of work orders I've been here 10 yrs I've seen a lot of management come n go but I'm hoping these guys stay there very good and maintenance speedy friendly helpful knowledgeable I recommend living here
Suzanne Hardman

Eagles landing has come very far from when i first moved in. The maintenance is great and the office staff is amazing. The permits are nice because people from other businesses cant steal our parking. Of course, they have visitor parking for my visitors. Michelle at the office has been great
Craig Beckstead

I lived in my unit for 5 years. If anyone is looking for a place where the office staff knows what there doing there kind, friendly and making a big change to the property this is a great place. Michelle, The Manager has done amazing things in a short period of time. And Danielle is always the best to work with. 5 Stars to them. 4 🌟's because the price feels a little high for the area.
Charlotte Stickney

They best office n maintence staff iv e ever had or witnessed efficient friendly
Matthew Earl

Getting in the apartment and out were both really easy and stress free. The management is the best I have ever had at an apartment complex and they will treat you like yoi deserve, and won't screw you over. The area isn't the nicest but they are doing alot to improve it. Would rent there again.
Bhrandon Pratz

The place is amazing, and the staff is amazing especially the one who signed me up, danielle, shes great!!
Heather Russon

The staff in the office now are amazing, friendly and willing to work with you. I also enjoy the feeling of community theyve been bringing to the complex with their get togethers, door decorating contests, and monthly newsletter updates. Eagles Landing has been an awesome experience!
lacy beard

I like this apartment
Mike Johnson

Great office staff always friendly and it's a great place to live .close to downtown
Steve Elliott

Staff very accomidating, friendly . very satisfied with the experience.
Steven Mitchell

I find the office staff to be friendly and helpful. I've dealt with Danielle, Michelle and, Franchesca. They all have exceeded my expectations.
Brayton Carbine

Spent a year here. Awesome place. Michelle and Danielle made the move in and out effortless.
Paige Tetzlaff

Michelle and Danielle are amazing! It was a real pleasure working with them.
Evelin Gomez

In the time we resided here we had the most wonderful experience for a first time home. The structure of the apartments within itself was beautiful, the squirrels amazing, and best part of all was management/staff. It was always a warm and genuine experience to walk into the office and greet our fellow homies. We highly recommend Eagle's Landing Apartments to anyone looking for a one of a kind home.
April Olsen

I lived here for a year, and it was a very hard year for me. As a single mother, going through a divorce, being out on my own for the first time was very difficult. I'm giving Eagles Landing a five star review, because of Michelle Gonzales. She is compassionate, understanding, professional, and took care of me and my daughters needs, while we lived there. Any problem I had, she was quick to take care of. And those problems usually consisted of only a leaky faucet and a weird neighbor. She made me feel safe, and at home. This place needs her, and more people like her! Thank you Michelle!!! 💗
Selvin Solorzano

Great place to live!!ever since miss Michelle Gonzales took charge things have been easier!!. She has been really nice and respectful to our family, constantly solving our minor issues with the up most respect. I highly recommend anyone to come see her for good transition into a nice community.we have been treated very well and will continue to live here. Thanks😀😀 Michelle for everything.

Moved in at the beginning of May, honestly heard a lot of bad things but I have had nothing but a great experience at these apartments staff is great have always had some in looking at the place if something goes wrong. My apartment building everyone minds there own business and is friendly! I definitely enjoy how quiet it is. (: 👍🏼